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Marleen Andela is an independent artistic researcher with an interest in code. By using computer programming as a tool to relate to her surroundings, she wants to help reflect on the processes and the routines that our lives are made off. Marleen's approach is holistic, which means that she keeps in mind everything is connected, and that things can have multiple meanings and functions at the same time. In order to contribute to positive change in society, we must first begin to familiarize ourselves with the extent of our own silliness, find out ways to surpass our own viewpoints, and harness our own unawareness as a creative force.

Gaining understanding about our surroundings, starts with gaining understanding in ourselves. That is why all of her research thrives from personal experience. Most of the projects are initiated out of self-interest and personal dilemma: They are about self exploration, they tell the personal stories of inner contradictions, conflicting needs, and personal struggle in how to relate to society’s status quo.


Marleen has studied art and sculpture in Groningen and graduated in 2008. Since then she has worked as a metal worker, teacher at a Fablab, and on several independently organized artistic projects. Together with her husband and one year old son, she lives in Woudsend in the Netherlands. Besides from working on independently organized artistic projects, she also has a studio for computer aided design called Studio Andela.

Marleen Andela is an independent artistic researcher with an interest in code

e: info@marleenandela.com

t: +31 620357180

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